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As a pediatrician, I can confidently state that every child wants to be treated as an individual, even if they are a twin or share their birthday with multiple siblings, which is why I especially enjoyed reading about Priscilla and Penelope. These two adorable twins love being together, yet relish time when they can be their own person. I recommend UNIQUELY YOU as a fantastic book for parents to share with their young children, whether they are single,  twin, triplet, or other multiple.


—Dr. Eydie Rudman D.O.

When my identical, twin daughters were little girls, we looked for books about their unique sisterhood, but we couldn’t find any. I wish we’d had this book! It would have made them feel understood while also highlighting how special their relationship is. Thank you for writing this book.


—-Marin, mom of identical twin daughters

This book is delightful and engaging for children who are twins, and those who are not. It’s a wonderful way to think about embracing and celebrating who you are. I love the joyful illustrations and the affection the sisters have for each other. I am looking forward to using it in my SEL class as a tool to encourage self-acceptance and self- awareness.


—-Betsy Leschinsky, SEL teacher, Shipley Lower School 

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