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About Ava Lily Trachtenberg

Ava Lily Trachtenberg was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia and is currently a high school student at the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, as a member of the class of 2023. She was raised in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, surrounded by her large and loud family with whom she is extremely close, specifically her identical twin sister, Olivia, who inspired her to co-write this book.

Ava wanted to find a way to show young siblings and twins that they are not alone in wanting to express their individuality. She realized that although there are many books about siblings and twins, not many were written by authors who are twins themselves. She recognized that her position as an identical twin gave her an advantage in creating a children’s book to which twins or siblings can really relate.


Ava enjoys spending time with her young nephews and the rest of her boisterous family, as well as vigorously planning for her future.


About Olivia Trachtenberg

Olivia Trachtenberg was born and raised in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, and is a senior at The Shipley School. She and her identical twin sister, Ava, are excited to have created a resource for children experiencing the challenges and advantages being an identical twin brings.


As the youngest child in a large family, Olivia embraces her individuality and is excited to be her own spirited self, something she hopes is reflected in this book. When she’s not studying, Olivia can be found binging shows on Netflix and creating epicurean feasts for herself.


About Elyse Sitner Barroway

Elyse Sitner Barroway was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She graduated from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in economics. She worked in finance and management training for eight years before leaving the corporate world to raise her two children.


Elyse and her identical twin, Erinn, considered writing a book about growing up as identical twins years ago, but they never got the idea off the ground. Elyse’s best friend had identical twin girls and she often found herself giving advice on how to raise them. When her friend asked if her girls could write a book with Elyse and her sister, she jumped at the chance. Four identical twin perspectives were definitely better than one. They had a great time meeting and plotting out the book, bringing in examples from all of their childhoods. Elyse hopes that identical twins and their caregivers enjoy the group’s creation and the lessons held within it.


Elyse is also the author of the children’s book When I Grow Up. She currently resides in Margate, New Jersey and Miami, Florida with her family and her beloved dog, Bandit.


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About Erinn Sitner Salaman

Erinn Sitner Salaman was born and raised in a suburb of Philadelphia. She graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics with a concentration in finance. She then worked on Wall Street in the derivatives field and earned her MBA in finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business. After working in the industry for eleven years, she left the corporate world to raise her two boys.


Erinn is an avid reader and began reading to her children as soon as they were born.  She always dreamed of writing a children’s book and with her sister’s encouragement her dream finally became a reality. She hopes that all children reading this book will recognize the importance of being true to themselves.


Erinn currently resides in Armonk, New York with her husband Mitchell and her children, A.J. and Ryan.

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